Our mission is to help families care for the health and education of their children, and to connect our peers with charities that inspire them.

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Who We Are

We are fund-raisers helping healthcare professionals and educators better serve the children in their care. We are also connectors, helping to inform and engage our fellow young people. We aren't here to preach values or impose ideas, but instead we're hoping to remove the barriers that prevent kids from reaching their full potential.

What We Do

We sponsor seasonal charity events in New York City. The goal of these events is twofold: first, to raise money for charities benefiting children’s education and healthcare; and second, to introduce the leaders of tomorrow to charities that inspire them and with whom they can build life-long relationships.



We seek to give children the health they need to secure their future and the education they need to prepare for it.


The Federal Budget for children's education grows every year, but not fast enough to keep up with the growth of the US' youth population. The dropout rate for 16 - 24 year-olds was at 7% in 2011. The pupil/teacher ratio in elementary and secondary schools is currently 15:1. 29 countries outperform the United States in Math, 22 for science and 19 for reading. Arts and Sports programs are being cut from school budgets ever year.


There are over 7.2 million uninsured children in America. That's one in ten. 1,241 children are born without healthcare every day. Food insecurity affects over 12 million U.S. households and many children struggle to get the kind of nutrition that will allow them to grow into healthy adults. Every year, the United States spends $2.8 trillion on healthcare -- that's $8,920 per capita -- and that figure continues to grow.

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Our Latest Projects

The Masquerade at The Bowery Hotel

On Saturday, February 11th, The LiftEd Project hosted 'The Masquerade at The Bowery Hotel,' a black tie event at The Bowery Hotel in Manhattan. They raised over $55,000 for The Make A Wish Foundation

Tuxedos 2

On Saturday, April 18th, The LiftEd Project hosted 'Tuxedos 2,' a black tie event at The Dream Hotel in Manhattan. They raised over $40,000 for Bridge Boston Charter Schools and the 253 middle schoolers at I.S. 190 in The Bronx.